Continuing to build a better McNairy County

MRA is rebuilding.

In the past 6 months MRA has witnessed the resignation of it’s Executive Director and Director of Chamber Programs. We want to thank both Ted Moore and Russell Ingle for their hard work and dedication to recruit new industry to our county. This is no easy task during economic stagnation. Through their hard work, we have seen a surge in retail industry.

The McNairy Regional Alliance wishes all the best to our friends as they move forward to the next chapter of their story.

MRA will continue to focus on the growth of our County through partnership and teamwork with McNairy County Communities, leaders and citizens.  We will carry the torch passed to us, and continue to promote, market, and share the place we call Home.

We ask our community to remain patient and open to change. The McNairy County Chamber of Commerce and The Economic Development Board is working for you.


We have seen industries come and go. We have been a County since well before the Civil War while times were really tough. Look at the growth McNairy County has witnessed since then. We have seen our county go from a purely agricultural community to a strong industrial leader supplying commercial products and garments worldwide in less than a century.

We have seen an economic downturn, but we will continue to remain strong. McNairy County is our home, and it’s citizens are our strength.


Our goal is to grow your business. We have developed relationships with groups that will guide your business from startup to sustained growth. Come to us early with your ideas. We will connect you to mentors and the appropriate governmental agencies to get your business started and growing.

Contact Us

Whether you are new to our county or looking to relocate. We will be happy to provide welcome packs with information on McNairy County. If you are a resident, we want to hear your opinion. We will always listen to constructive criticism, fresh ideas, and new perspectives. This is why we are here.

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